I am a hopeless romantic who cares about every detail. My professional experience has taught me creativity, work under time pressure and control over unexpected chaos. I will remove the whole burden of the event from you and will make sure that your wedding never loses a bit of magic.

I love to travel around atmospheric small towns and cycling through Warsaw. I can’t imagine a day without a good coffee, and if I were a character from my favourite series I’d be Charlotte from ‘Sex and the City’.


Every day I start with tea. I’m the biggest fan of ‘Friends’, and I can’t imagine a day without watching at least one episode. I love to cook, and I love Thai cuisine.

If I were a character from my favourite series, I would be Monika Geller. I’m an organized perfectionist dealing with the massive problems.

For years I worked in the HR sector, meeting people and discovering their needs, which they often didn’t realize they ever had.